wooden garage door

What you need to know about wooden garages

Wood structures popularity is growing at a higher rate in the current world. A backyard shed is being made from lumber; log cabins are growing popular as well not to forget wooden garages. They come with huge benefits which you do not want to miss. This article will give you some of the things you should understand about wooden doors. Read on.

Should be kept clean

It is a big deal, but many people ignore. Dirt slides off a metal door but causes huge damage to a wooden structure. Before saying yes to a wooden garage, have it in mind that it should be cleaned regularly. This way, pests and other burrowing animals will be kept away.

Staining is important

wooden garage wallStaining is another element of maintaining your wooden garage. It should be done every three to five years. This is a way of maintaining the health and integrity of the lumber. If you skip staining, the logs will blanch, crack and let in pests like termites. It might result in rotting of the wood from inside as well. The procedure is not expensive; you can do it on your own. There are a variety of environmentally friendly chemicals to be used as well.

Prone to pests

As earlier mentioned, wood attracts pests. Yes, rats, termites, mice, spiders and even raccoons. They love wood. However, you will not have this as an issue if you observe the staining rule. Always keep the garage clean and watch out for cracks. If you notice a hole, fill it as soon as possible.

The materials might be expensive

The cost of building a wooden garage might be shocking compared to metal structures. We can justify the high cost by how beautiful the final product will look. A wood garage is truly attractive. It is a way of investing. On looking at it, you will always be convinced why you spend so much in its construction.

Damp can ruin the wood

wooden doorI will repeat one more time. You must stain your garage from time to time. Staining seals the wood and keeps moisture away. If the stain starts to break down, it no longer repels water. Moisture will then push its way in the wood, resulting in it rotting from inside. It only takes small rain, and you will be needed to replace the whole logs if your garage is not stained.