soundproof curtains

Do Sound Proof Curtains Work?

Nothing works magic in reducing noise levels than soundproof curtains. They make noise seem like a beautiful song by reducing and stifling it. However, the reducing effect depends on the type of noise and the surrounding space. Soundproof curtains work to a certain level. Well, they do not reduce the noise completely, but they harmonize it such that it does not echo all over the room. They provide a peaceful environment for your baby to sleep or for you to work in.

long curtainsThe best noise reducing curtains cover window to window, and some go up to the ceiling. The more it covers the windows, the floor and the ceiling the better the noise reducing effect. So, the curtains work to a certain level, but they do not reduce the noise completely. They change the noise to a peaceful, white and conducive environment to work and sleep. Make sure to buy the right size regarding space coverage. The longer and thicker the better.



It is advisable always to buy long thick curtains that cover up to the floor to maximize the chances of noise reduction. This limits the amount of noise passing through the walls hence creating a harmonious and soundless atmosphere.

Wall Brackets Versus Ceiling Mounts

Better go for ceiling mount curtains. This is because the curtains are closer to the ceiling stifling more sound.

Noise Levels

it is important to look at the noise levels and the environment you are in before buying noise reducing curtains. The noisier it gets the longer and thicker curtains you will need. As already mentioned, the longer the curtains, the better they work in reducing noise.


noise reducing curtainswhat is your budget? This is a major factor in the purchase of goods and services. The best curtains are costly. This is not to say less expensive ones are less effective. The main point here is that you should always consider the durability and makeup components of the curtains. Quality curtains might cost you more but will serve you longer and perform its work without problems.

Maintenance and Care

The level of care and maintenance matter. The easier it is to maintain the curtain, the more effective they are. If otherwise, it might mean ineffectiveness.


Always buy soundproof curtains which are easy to install, slid and uninstall. If curtains possess the characters above, it will perform the expected functions and last longer.