construction with cement

The construction industry is growing day by day. A large number of people joining the industry is an indicator of a fast-growing industry. The joining team may or may not be skilled for the industry. As we all know a lot goes on in the construction sites. It can be risky working on their especially without the right skills. Constructions involve heights, heavy equipment’s and dangerous things if inhaled like cement. Below are some safety measures to take when handling cement:

Safe cement work guide

Protect your head and eyes

construction workerWorking on constructions sites poses great risks to the workers. The eyes and the head are some of the exposed body parts. Cement will be blown into the air, hence can easily get into the eyes. It is therefore important to protect these parts. There are protective helmets recommended for all workers on the sites. They are hard enough to protect your head from injury in case things fall on you from the top. Wearing glasses will protect your eyes from the cement-filled air. It is important to observe all the dressing codes provided before entering the construction site.

Skin protection

Cement work can result in skin irritation. Rashes can develop on the skin as well. To prevent your body from coming into contact with cement, workers are advised to put on full-sleeved clothing. If you still feel like you have irritation from cement, regular breaks to clean off cement from the body helps a lot. Many people are not aware that exposing yourself to cement for long could result in third-degree burns as well. It is upon you to protect yourself from any of the above risks. Workers are as well advised to make regular visits to the skin doctor for checkups.

Protecting your back

cement mixtureCement need a lot of preparation before it is used. The materials used together with the cement are heavy. Such include, Portland cement, water, sand and coarse aggregate. Lifting them up from one point to the other might result in serious back injuries. Some workers suffer slip discs or pulled muscles. To avoid such injuries, workers are advised to use machines for the transfers or take turns in moving the materials to give their backs a break. Pushing the materials on a wheelbarrow works best as well. Your health is your wealth. This is true because you can go to work with a sick body. Keep yourself safe by observing all the above safety measures when using cement.