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Possible Reasons Your Air Duct Might Be Clogged

There comes a time when you notice that the temperatures in different rooms are somehow not the same. Alternatively, it could be that your energy bills are higher than usual. While there are many reasons why this could be happening, it is advisable to check on the possibility of having obstructions in the ductwork. Ideally, clogged ducts have the effect of not having all rooms overheated or abnormally cold.

HVAC repair

Since the temperatures inside your rooms cannot reach the thermostat setting, the HVAC unit is forced to work more for it to keep up. This makes running the AC unit expensive and uncomfortable. You can quickly fix this using DIY methods, However, enlisting the services of a professional has been proven to be a more comprehensive solution. That said, here are some common problems that lead to clogged ducks.

Dirt in air filters

Air filters are primarily meant to ensure that the air supplied to the room is clean. Over time, these units are bound to be clogged and can thus impede air flow. Thus, it is important to have filters changed occasionally. How often? The frequency of changing air filters is often informed by the manufacturer’s specification, the season, or the prevailing environmental conditions.

Blocked vents

There are many reasons to have your vents checked. One of the main things to check is the possibility of having your ducts blocked by furniture. If this is the case, you can solve this problem by rearranging things so that the vents are unobstructed. If the vents are dusty, this could also be a real problem. Clogging problems caused by dust is best solved by cleaning and removing any debris present.

Physical damage

Damaged ductwork can lead to obstruction or inefficiencies in the duct. As such, it is imperative to check for openings and any inconsistencies in the ducts as they have a direct impact on the airflow. If you have leaking, disconnected, or damaged ducts, you should either think about replacing the duct tape or the entire unit depending on the magnitude of the damage.

Besides these problems, closed zone dampers and physical obstruction in the ducts can also lead to clogging the air pathways. The best thing you can do when having some issues with your ducts is to have them repaired and serviced by air duct cleaners dallas. This way, you are assured of a cost and energy efficient solution.…

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What you need to know about wooden garages

Wood structures popularity is growing at a higher rate in the current world. A backyard shed is being made from lumber; log cabins are growing popular as well not to forget wooden garages. They come with huge benefits which you do not want to miss. This article will give you some of the things you should understand about wooden doors. Read on.

Should be kept clean

It is a big deal, but many people ignore. Dirt slides off a metal door but causes huge damage to a wooden structure. Before saying yes to a wooden garage, have it in mind that it should be cleaned regularly. This way, pests and other burrowing animals will be kept away.

Staining is important

wooden garage wallStaining is another element of maintaining your wooden garage. It should be done every three to five years. This is a way of maintaining the health and integrity of the lumber. If you skip staining, the logs will blanch, crack and let in pests like termites. It might result in rotting of the wood from inside as well. The procedure is not expensive; you can do it on your own. There are a variety of environmentally friendly chemicals to be used as well.

Prone to pests

As earlier mentioned, wood attracts pests. Yes, rats, termites, mice, spiders and even raccoons. They love wood. However, you will not have this as an issue if you observe the staining rule. Always keep the garage clean and watch out for cracks. If you notice a hole, fill it as soon as possible.

The materials might be expensive

The cost of building a wooden garage might be shocking compared to metal structures. We can justify the high cost by how beautiful the final product will look. A wood garage is truly attractive. It is a way of investing. On looking at it, you will always be convinced why you spend so much in its construction.

Damp can ruin the wood

wooden doorI will repeat one more time. You must stain your garage from time to time. Staining seals the wood and keeps moisture away. If the stain starts to break down, it no longer repels water. Moisture will then push its way in the wood, resulting in it rotting from inside. It only takes small rain, and you will be needed to replace the whole logs if your garage is not stained.…

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What you should do before calling a 24-hour plumber

Homeowners must understand that at some given point you will have issues with plumbing. It might be simple, but it gets tough when reality knocks at your door. Finding the right plumber is a not as easy as many homeowners perceive. It requires research and time to get the best plumber for complex or simple duties. At times the plumbing emergency needs to be dealt within 24 hours. You might get an emergency which requires you to call a plumber late at night. Some people do not like late night visitors, but in such a situation, I do not think you have an option. However, before calling a plumber below is a list of things you can do to save the situation.

Shut off the water

plunger, plumbingIf the plumbing system gets crazy, shutting off the water is among the first things you must do. You can do it directly from the main water source. This way you will reduce the level of damage. Without the water oozing out, you can clean up the area. Shutting off the water does not only reduce water wastage, but the plumber will get a clean area on arrival.

Use a plunger

It is important to have ideas on what to do when you have a clogged sink, toilet or backed up drain. All these information is available online. You might use it to control the situation before the plumber arrives. Yes, they might be simple basic tips, but it is a great way of preventing a disaster from taking place.

Is the plumber available?

toilet , plumbingIt is important to confirm the availability of the plumber. Familiarizing yourself to things in your house is important. For example, where the main water source is, how to switch off the main power source just to mention a few. Such knowledge makes a huge difference when things go wrong. You should have a few phone numbers ready for all service providers. In the list should include a 24-hour plumber. Ask your neighbors for recommendations before searching online for more. In your search make sure to find out if the plumber truly operates on a 24-hour basis. It will be tough if you are all alone when things get sour. With the three tips, your plumbing need will not be as stressful as when it gets you off guard.…

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